2024 Hyundai Electric Vehicle Lineup Overview

2024 Hyundai Electric Vehicle Lineup Overview

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Hyundai has been at the forefront of electric vehicle development over the last few years, and today offers a comprehensive lineup of 2024 electric vehicles. Each model is designed to cater to the unique lifestyle and performance preferences of different drivers. To better understand what's on offer, we'll explore Hyundai's latest electric vehicle lineup, examining key areas such as pricing, range and charging, as well as the distinct character of each model.

2024 Hyundai Electric Vehicle Pricing

Hyundai's electric offerings begin with the 2024 Kona Electric, which starts at just $46,399. The redesigned Kona Electric has more space, more features, a redesigned interior, and a long list of standard features. Moving up the lineup, the IONIQ 5 is priced from $54,999, delivering a solid blend of features and performance for the investment. The IONIQ 6, despite sharing a starting price with the IONIQ 5, leans more towards drivers seeking an award-winning combination of range and advanced technology, with the top AWD trim priced at $58,299.

Every 2024 Hyundai electric vehicle is eligible for the full $5,000 iZEV electric vehicle rebate from the government of Canada along with the maximum rebate from the BC government electric vehicle incentive program.

Range and Charging Capabilities

The Kona Electric impresses with an improved 420 km range and a 100-kW max charging rate, allowing for a quick recharge from 10% to 80% in just 43 minutes. Charging at home at 10.8-kW means a full charge in just over 6 hours. The IONIQ 5 distinguishes itself with an 800-volt system enabling ultra-fast charging at 350 kW, making it one of the quickest EVs in its segment when it comes to replenishing the battery. Charging from 10% to 80% is possible in just 18 minutes while the IONIQ 5 achieves impressive range figures of 488 km for RWD models and 414 km for AWD models. The IONIQ 6 enjoys the same advanced charging infrastructure as the IONIQ 5, promising ranges of up to 581 km for the Preferred Long Range RWD model and 509 km for the AWD variant, blending efficiency with performance.

Interior Space

The Kona Electric is characterized by its accessibility and cargo space, which is ample for its class. Larger, the Kona Electric offers an impressive 723 litres of total cargo. The IONIQ 5 shines as the most spacious Hyundai electric vehicle, catering well to families with its expansive passenger volume and 1,680 litres of total cargo capacity. The IONIQ 6 offers a sportier feel, delivering a dynamic driving experience with its powerful electric motor and quicker acceleration. On the other hand, the interior is welcoming thanks to a unique design that opens the front and rear rows. Multiple storage areas make the IONIQ 6 one of the most convenient electric vehicles in its class while ample rear headroom despite the EV’s sporty design is a welcomed surprise.

2024 Hyundai Electric Vehicle Spec Comparison

To encapsulate the differences, here's a comparative glance at the specifications for range, charging time, and interior space for the 2024 Hyundai EV lineup:

Specifications Kona Electric IONIQ 5 IONIQ 6
Range Up to 417 km Up to 488 km (RWD) / 414 km (AWD) Up to 581 km (RWD) / 509 km (AWD)
AC Charging Time 6 hrs 5 min 6 hrs 43 min 6 hrs 43 min
DC Fast Charging Time (10-80%) 43 min 17 min 16 sec 18 min (10-80% at 350 kW)
Front Head Room 1,016 mm 1,046 mm 1,021 mm
Front Leg Room 1,059 mm 1,138 mm 1,153 mm
Front Shoulder Room 1,435 mm 1,466 mm 1,473 mm
Rear Head Room 973 mm 983 mm 932 mm
Rear Leg Room 925 mm 1,001 mm 996 mm
Cargo Volume 1st Row 1804 L 1679 L N/A
Cargo Volume 2nd Row 722 L 770 L 317 L

The 2024 Hyundai electric lineup demonstrates the brand's commitment to providing an EV for every type of driver. From the value-focused Kona Electric to the spacious and versatile IONIQ 5, and the sporty IONIQ 6, consumers are spoilt for choice. Each vehicle offers a distinct blend of features, range, and driving pleasure, ensuring that your transition to electric driving is as seamless and personalized as possible.

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